Build a Dynamic, Data-Driven Timeline

Data for Radicals - Illustrated guide to dynamic data driven timeline From the site Data for Radicals, this tutorial teaches you how to create an online timeline of events -- with text, image, and video content.
Timeline, like Tabletop.js, is a creation of Balance Media and the brainchild of WNYC’s John Keefe (here’s John talking about the thinking behind the vertical timeline). In print, most of us are used to seeing timelines presented horizontally, but that’s probably not an ideal format for the up-and-down scrolling that web browsers encourage.Putting together a Timeline.js timeline is easy — I was able to do it on my first try in under an hour. Let me show you how:
For the tutorial: The Absurdly Illustrated Guide To Your First Dynamic, Data Driven Timeline | Data For Radicals

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