My App Shortlist: Download these now!

You must download Procreate.  It is worth whatever price tag is on it.  You can create beautiful, complex or simple art with it. You can edit and annotate images with it.   You can sketch quickly or create intricately.  It is powerful & flexible and my favorite app (most of the time).

Pop.  It is buggy and beta, but it is so much fun to create a clickthrough version of an app in under 5 minutes.  Get your app ideas out of your brain and onto paper – and then into Pop.  You can user test in the blink of an eye.  Very lightweight, with an intuitive interface, clean experience – just waiting for some of the small bugs & limitations to be cleaned up, then this will be absolutely topnotch.

Paper by 53.  This is the app I get the most questions of interest about, while I am using it.  It is more streamlined than Procreate – you have clear limits: only a few kinds of brushes, a more limited palate. But it is the quickest sketching + notetaking app, and the most beautiful one, that I have found.  The brushes have a way of making any handwriting more pleasing.  And the watercolor effect is fun and just messy enough to make it gorgeous.  I use this one to jot quick ideas and sketches – that I can either build into more clean art in Procreate, or that I can export into fun rapid sketchnotes of their own.  Get this now, I cannot believe that it is free.

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  1. Hi Margaret,

    I’m a lawyer in Brazil and working with innovation to law firms and legal departments. I’d like to learn deeply about legal design for using in my process to spread innovation culture in companies.

    Do you have some recommendations about legal design courses or people reference in NY?

    Best regards,

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