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I just embarked on a new model of content quizzes. Rather than a bank of multiple choice questions to play each new quiz — this is more of a narrative journey. The player will go along the path, between several major topics. Inside each topic are five or six levels to beat — you have to get the majority of the short quiz right in each level to beat it. Once you do so, then the next level is unlocked, and so on. Once you beat all the levels in a topic, then you face down the FINAL — pass that, and then you move along the path to the next topic, which is now unlocked!

Right now, the app is centered on knowing the government, in terms of history, civics, politics, etc., to make better citizens.


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  1. Hi, Margaret!

    Have you considered having this app be a geared towards the USCIS Naturalization Test? (That’s what I thought it was based on the title- but then again, I am an immigrant and fascinated by immigration law.)

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