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Law school dojo - I dojoLaw Dojo is an app (or now, series of apps) I have been building for all kinds of people (from hardcore law students to those intrigued by getting a few more legal muscles ) for learning & mastering law.

In its initial version, it was a basic multiple choice, timed quiz game in which the app asks the user a law-related question, and the user has 15 seconds to answer. If she answers correctly, she gets more points — and she can play til she loses all of her three lives. Then she can review her questions, save her score to the scoreboard, and see how she does compared to others.

Now, I am working on how to take this simple idea and make it more engaging, more challenging — and with more support for the user to actually learn law well through the app.

I began designing it in June 2012, coding it in July 2012, and got it out for sale in the app stores by mid-summer. I have been building on it — making the experience more clean, the features more rich, the questions set more plentiful, and the prices more appropriate since then. It is a work in progress.

See it, get it here!

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  1. Is there a way we can get this to be web-based for students? I teach a mock trial course for 7th & 8th graders & we use some games on iCivics but this looks WAY better.

    • That’s a good question — I’ve just been designing for apps, but I can look into embedding the quizzes into a website. Thanks for writing!

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