Mozilla Privacy: Collusion

i4bi for cartoon-1

I worked on the Collusion project — an add-on for Mozilla Firefox Browsers, to produce an interactive visualization of what 3rd party cookies are tracking a user as they browse the web — as part of my Ideas for a Better Internet class, 2011-2012.  The class was populated by both Harvard & Stanford law students, as well as computer scientists, educators, designers, and engineers.

Our team — of Alex Moss & myself — worked with engineers & User Experience designers at Mozilla to build a more usable version of Collusion.  A Mozilla engineer had made an initial version of the add-on in his spare time, and we liked the idea & wanted to help the project grow into something more powerful & usable.

To see our images of the sketches and of our pitch (comicbook…) either browse through image by image, or you can just scroll down the page.  Please try out the add-on & let us know!

Collusion the Comic - 1
Collusion the Comic -2b
Collusion the Comic - 3
Collusion the Comic - 4

We ended up with this add-on, after pitching these various concepts at the Ideas for a Better Internet (i4bi) summit in January 2012.  Our team participated in a hackathon at Stanford with the program Code the Change (bringing developers and designers together with non-profits to build products for them).

I also designed the favicon that is used for the add-on, after going through multiple (perhaps, more creepy) iterations…

Red-64 Red-halo-eye-lines-64 Red-halo-eye-64 Favicon9-redhaloblackeye -lines Red-halo-64 Favicon9-redhaloblackeye Favicon9-redhaloblackeyearrows Favicon9-redhalo - no background Favicon7 Favicon9-redhalo - no background - no white 64 favicon4 - halo with arrowred Favicon5 favicon3 - halo dot favicon2-dotwithlines Favicon 1 - red and white circle

And here are some of the interfaces of the add-on visualization, that the Mozilla team developed!

Fullscreen capture 2112012 102600 PM-1 Fullscreen capture 2112012 102617 PM Fullscreen capture 2112012 102528 PM-3

Here are some more background slides that I had created for intermediate presentations during the class, when our team was trying to figure out how we would give users more control of their online privacy.

i4bi privacy user2
i4bi slides - cookie map
i4bi slides - cookie map 2
i4bi slides - cookie map 3
i4bi slides - cookie map 4
i4bi slides - cookie map 5

i4bi slides - cookie portraits i4bi slides grocery store
i4bi slides pregnancy
i4bi slidesuser1
i4bi slidesuser2   IMG_2879  IMG_2881

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