Traffick Junction

Slide images for final presentation

Traffick Junction is a concept design and working prototype of an online platform for anti-trafficking professionals to connect with each other, share resources, and work together.  I was part of a 3-person team of law students, participating in Law Without Walls in 2012.  We had several months to develop a concept and pitch it to an audience of venture capitalists, academics, and legal professionals.  Our team won the competition with this project.


Here are some of the mock-ups of the platform I made.

Intro traffick junction traffick junction mockups - login 2

Traffick Junction - Collaborate (1) Traffick Junction - Collaborate (2) Traffick Junction - Collaborate (3) Traffick Junction - Main Page with Feed Traffick Junction - My Profile Traffick Junction - QA (3) Traffick Junction - Resource Library (1) Traffick Junction - Resource Library (3) traffick junction mockups - FIND PEOPLE 3 results

Here are some of the personas that I had written up, in our design process, to guide what we were going to design.

LWOW - user profile carla - text LWOW - user profile eric - with text LWOW - user profile sirina - with text Slide9 Slide7 Slide6 Slide8

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