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Naturally, I am a sketcher — and when I began drawing, I could not help myself from putting more lines, more colors, more figures, more backgrounds & more faces. It has been a slow road towards a cleaner, more legible style that helps people understand messages, and not just appreciate my overwhelming style. As I have made more visuals for class projects, I’ve begun to produce images that tell a message and are user-friendly. Here are some samples.

ODR - Small Claims Mediation Task Flow - three stagesRefugee Information quadrants Refugee Redesign Concepts 2012-10-25 (06.07.10-845 PM)Page_20

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  1. Hi,
    and congrats! I really really like what you do.
    BTW, what would you suggest to a pure lawyer that would like to improve at information design?
    Should I take graphic design courses? Or is there any other route, with a less steep learning curve?
    Many thanks.
    Keep up the good (and inspiring) work!

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