Illustrated Law Flow Charts

I believe in flow charts. I wish every law class I learned was introduced with one simple overarching flowchart, that would show the essential tasks and questions that legal practitioners must proceed through when operating in this certain domain of law. Then, as the class proceeds, the flow chart can branch and unveil more to show all the detail created within it. I would love to build a Flow Chart-maker machine — but for now I am just playing around at doing them by hand.

Tax Flow Employee Discounts 2013-02-16 (12.38.14-285 AM) Tax Flow Illustrated - Employee gets free services - razblint razblint-illustrated-law-school-nuisance-am-i-one Law - Mistake Defenses 8 x 10 Law - How to file a lawsuit Dormant Commerce Clause Final 2012-12-01 (02.53.29-937 PM) Law - Can a federal agency get my info 2 Law - Federal Agency Physically Search Property 2 Law - federal agency due process

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  1. I have never seen anything so splendid or creative. I LOVE THIS. You are a gifted and precious girl who is both right and left brain oriented! Amazing. Thank you. Using for Bar Study!

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