Hi, I’m Margaret.

I’m originally from Pittsburgh, and now work at Stanford Law School and d.school. I created and direct the Legal Design Lab.

Please explore the sub-pages of this website to find my publications and projects.

Here are some things I’m interested in:

  • Community-led design (or you could call it participatory design, participatory action research, or something like that)
  • Making neighborhoods that are great to live in, that are safe and resilient, and that let kids and families thrive — with lots of art, community, and protections
  • Improving our courts system to be fairer, more accessible, and more constructive
  • Drawing and painting
  • Making crafts, knitting, sewing, pottery, and doll-making
  • Traveling and learning languages
  • Baseball
  • Visualizing stories, complicated processes, and policies and laws
  • Getting lots of different people (including kids) to participate in how policies are made

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  1. Dear Mrs Hagan, I am an Italian Phd who studies the philosophy of law. In particular, my research topic is designed normativity. I sense what function can perform the design in the contract, entirely dominated by c.d. logocentrism. I would like to get in touch with you because it would be a for me very intersting and formative experience.
    I wait your answer,
    Best regards,
    Roberto Pusceddu

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