I have been drawing for a long time, but only in the past six years have I worked to improve my skills — mainly by drawing as much as I can.  I am a visual thinker and use sketching, drawing, and comic-making as a way to grasp the ideas around me.  Everything is more understandable once it is drawn.

You can see my (near) daily log of drawings from the past 4 years at my art blog, Razblint.  And you can buy some of my drawings & prints at my Etsy shop. This includes maps, law school flowcharts, and more!

In my portfolio here, I’ve collected some themed drawings & images I’ve made, and I’ll continue to update it with other selections that may be of interest.



Stanford Students 2012-12-11 (09.54.40-183 PM) Tax Deductible Christmas 2012-12-13 (07.00.06-676 PM)

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