Welcome to my portfolio page.  I am a lawyer & a designer who is currently based at Stanford University.  I am the Director of the Legal Design Lab, hosted at Stanford Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession. I am also a lecturer at the Stanford d.school.

My work focuses on bringing design into the world of law, to create a new generation of accessible, engaging legal services.  I work on several types of design — communication design, product design, and organization design, to push for more experimentation in the legal sector & a human-centered approach.

This site houses examples of some of my work, primarily in legal design & research.  For more & more current materials from my work, come visit some of my other websites.

Open Law Lab: my site documenting what legal design is & what is going on in legal innovation

Legal Design Lab: my Stanford-based project, running events, classes, workshops & tech projects on legal design and innovation

Razblint: My drawings & sketches, not necessarily law related (often not)

Law Dojo: A law game app that I’ve designed and built, available for iOS & Android too

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  1. Hi Margaret,
    I think you’d be interested in some of the work we’re doing (software development and research) at the OpenGov Foundation. Would you have time to chat? Shoot me an email or give me a ring if you can: 202-699-1902.


    • I just saw this buried in my Comments filter! Sorry it has taken almost 7 months to respond. I’d love to talk! Is it still okay?

  2. Hello
    Saw the article about you looking to combine drawing/design and law.
    My first two college degrees are a BA in Architecture and a BFA in Industrial Design. I have always applied the design process I learned 30 plus years ago to business practices and my legal practice. (I went back to law school when I was 40.)
    I have tried using flow charts and drawings to help clients visualize the path that their case might take. I have tried drawing out decision trees as well.
    I am very interested in your project, and would help if there was something that I could assist you with. Not sure what that would be exactly, but you never know.
    So you now have my contact information. Let me know how your project progresses.
    I think it’s an interesting an challenging effort.
    Good luck.

    • I’d love to talk to you — especially about being a creative lawyer, and integrating visuals into your work. Would it be okay if we talked soon?

  3. Margaret, Your evidence flowcharts have helped me so much! Thank you! My professor only allows us to have handwritten notes in our FRE book – your charts are so helpful I took the time to hand draw them in to the blank pages in the back of my book! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Dear Margaret,

    Thank you for an insightful meeting on Law and Design Thinking. Great tips on creative workshops and their significance in shaping better cultures in organizational cultures and innovative products and services. Thanks!

    • Hi! Sorry I missed this message, it got stuck in a spam filter. Feel free to write me an email at margaret [at] margarethagan [dot] com !

  5. Hi Margaret!
    I’m a law school grad turned UX designer. I searched for ‘Law and UX design’ one day and found your website. I love your idea of “legal design.” I’d be interested to get involved with legal services-related design projects. Hope to hear from you!

  6. Hi Margaret,

    Judge Ann Aiken asked me to reach out to you concerning my reentry smartphone application for help improving on the intuitive and design features of the product. Please contact me when convenient by email or 970-240-8878.


  7. Hi Margaret,

    I stumbled across your site whilst researching an idea regarding the concept of open law. I am a UK based solicitor.

    Please email me at edwinabowles@gmail.com, as I would love to run something by you.

    Thanks in advance.


  8. Hi Margaret,

    My name is Ava, the founder of “The Picture Book People”. I’m an Australian lawyer & illustrator, currently living in Los Angeles. I’m very interested in collaborating with you – is email the best way to get in touch with you?

    Love your work and I look forward to speak with you soon!



  9. Hi Margaret!

    I am currently studying for evidence and came across your AMAZING and gorgeous flow charts. They are so unbelievably helpful! I used to teach high schoolers and have a visual brain so i’ve started making creative ways to study and it has been life changing. I really appreciate you making these public and will continue to track what you’re doing. So impressed with you! Usually law students just have notes on notes on notes and IT’S SO BORING. Your style is way better.

    Thanks again!

  10. Hi Magaret,
    I’m developing a criminal law hackathon for youth in the Greater Toronto Area, and I’d love to use the model that the Legal Design Lab used for its criminal law hackathon as a template. Please let me know if you would consider sharing it.
    Thank you!

  11. Hello Margaret,
    I’m not sure if you’re still checking the comments section here or replying but I couldn’t find an email address to contact you directly. I am a law librarian at a county law library in Florida. I teach a class about online resources for first year law students to help them study and was interested in including a link to lawdojo in my presentation. Would this be okay? If so, could you please email me. Thanks very much.

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